Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of East African Sea Moss?

This highly potent sea moss provides the body with up to 99 of the essential nutrients our bodies need, gets rid of excess mucus in the body, increases energy levels, boosts your metabolism, is antiviral, anti-inflammatory, aids with weight loss, lowers blood pressure, helps regulate blood sugar, clears acne, AND SO MUCH MORE!

2. What is the difference between Rainbow and Purple Sea Moss?

Purple Sea Moss contains purple phytonutrients which help to reduce inflammation, fight off viruses, fight against free radicals, lower blood sugar, etc. Rainbow, on the other hand, is a mix of purple, red, gold, and green sea moss so this gives a boost of all the benefits in purple, but also contains chlorophyll (found in green sea moss) and yellow phytonutrients (found in gold sea moss) which helps with the gastrointestinal tract, sin health, heart health, eye health, etc. Both kinds are very powerful and potent, plus they both help to cleanse the blood and the lymphatic system.

3. How do I store my sea moss/how long does it last?

Upon arrival, immediately place your sea moss in the refrigerator! It can last for 3-4 weeks in the fridge and a few months in the freezer, BUT if you place in the freezer, please make sure to take a few spoonfuls out first because the sea moss will expand - thus breaking the jar. 

4. How do I know if my sea moss has gone bad?

If you start to see mold growing on top, then your sea moss has begun to go bad. Also, you will notice a strong, foul smell present. It is completely normal for the sea moss to have a slight sea smell, but anything more means it is starting to go bad.

5. Can I use the sea moss directly on my skin?

Absolutely! To use as a face mask, simply apply about 1-2 tbsp to your face, leave on for 30 minutes, then rinse with water. It's best to do this at night before bed. Using sea moss as a face mask will help to clear acne, tighten your skin, moisturize the skin, etc.

6. How is the sea moss gel prepared? Are there any additives?

We only use spring water in the cleaning, soaking, and blending process of our sea moss gel to ensure the best quality possible.  Also, there isn't anything else added to the sea moss outside of it soaking with key limes to help neutralize the sea taste.

7. When do orders typically ship?

Our shipping days each week are every Monday and Tuesday to avoid any orders sitting over the weekend at the post office. Shipping is usually 1-3 business days after your order ships.

8. Do you ship nationwide?

Yes! We have both East and West Coast locations to ensure faster shipping times.

9. If my order arrives damaged, will I receive a new order?

Yes, in the unlikely case that this happens, please email us immediately at with a photo of your order and we will resend a new order on the next shipping day.