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*4-PACK DEAL* PURPLE East African Sea Moss Gel (16oz jars)

*4-PACK DEAL* PURPLE East African Sea Moss Gel (16oz jars)

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Our Premium PURPLE Sea Moss grows naturally along the East African seaboard of Tanzania, is highly potent, 100% ocean-harvested, sun-dried, and sourced directly from local Tanzanian harvesters. What makes this particular strain different than the rest is that it cleanses the blood, lymphatic system, skin, and gut - while also rebuilding the body at the same time. The beautiful purple hue is also what makes this strain of sea moss contain even more antioxidants than other varieties.

More benefits include:

  • sea moss gel is hand-made in the USA to ensure faster shipping
  • contains 104 minerals that our bodies need!
  • eliminates excess mucus from the body
  • helps to flush out dangerous toxins from the body
  • antiviral
  • contains antioxidants 
  • anti-inflammatory 
  • boosts immune system (so you can fight off infections/viruses more effectively)
  • improves gut health
  • supports thyroid health (contains iodine)
  • supports weight loss
  • supports muscle recovery
  • promotes healthy skin and hair
  • supports fertility
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