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(E-Book + Hard Copy Bundle) Oh, So You Wanna Be A Vegan? {12-Week Meal Plan & Transition Guide}

(E-Book + Hard Copy Bundle) Oh, So You Wanna Be A Vegan? {12-Week Meal Plan & Transition Guide}

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Ready to transition? Look no further! This highly-anticipated e-book is a full 12-week meal plan & transition guide, not only for those who are wanting to transition to a plant-based lifestyle, but also for those who are already vegan/plant-based who want to have more structure and make healthier choices. I wanted to make sure that everything you needed to have a successful transition was in one place - what to eat, when to eat, grocery lists for each week, recipes for all meals, tips on how to transition, important swaps to make in the kitchen, plant-based snack swaps, how to properly pick fruit, where to shop, and so much more. 

There's also a free bonus added (sent as a printable file as well) - which is a transition journal & tracker. Inside you will find various assignments to complete before starting the meal plan + a detailed journal to keep track of your weekly progress. If you are wanting to effectively lose weight, tone up, or improve certain medical conditions - such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. you will definitely find value in this program. *Make sure to get added to our private accountability community after your purchase so you can meet and interact with other people who are transitioning as well.

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