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RAINBOW East African Sea Moss Gel (16oz jar)

RAINBOW East African Sea Moss Gel (16oz jar)

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Our beautiful RAINBOW Sea Moss is naturally pink, because it is a mix of all sea moss color varieties (mainly red and gold, but also includes some green and purple). It grows naturally along the East African seaboard of Tanzania, is highly potent, 100% wildcrafted, sun-dried, and sourced directly from local Tanzanian divers. What makes this particular strain different than our purple sea moss is that is more nutrient-dense

*please note that color will vary depending on which part of the raw batch was used during the cleaning, soaking, and blending process.

*also note that our sea moss is cleaned, soaked, and blended with spring water only. While some other companies use tap water during the cleaning process, we are well-aware that sea moss immediately absorbs water and its contents, so we do and always will use spring water in each step of processing our gels to deliver the highest quality product possible.

More benefits include:

  • sea moss gel is hand-made in the USA to ensure faster shipping
  • contains up to 99 minerals that our bodies need!
  • eliminates excess mucus from the body
  • helps to flush out dangerous toxins from the body
  • antiviral + anti-inflammatory
  • increases blood flow (reverses erectile dysfunction in men)
  • contains antioxidants
  • boosts immune system (so you can fight off infections/viruses more effectively)
  • improves gut health
  • supports thyroid health (contains iodine)
  • supports weight loss
  • supports muscle recovery
  • promotes healthy skin and hair
  • supports fertility


Keep refrigerated! Stays fresh for 3-4 weeks in fridge. You can also freeze your gel, but make sure to take a few spoonfuls out before freezing to avoid your jar(s) breaking from the gel expanding! Stays fresh in freezer for a few months.


Take 1-2 tablespoons daily. It can be taken as is, added to smoothies, tea, soups, home-made ice creams, etc. The gel can also be used as a face mask by simply applying to your face and rinsing with water after 30 minutes (do this 2-3 x a week for best results).

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