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WHOLESALE Rainbow Sea Moss

WHOLESALE Rainbow Sea Moss

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Jumpstart your sea moss business with the world's most potent sea moss straight from Tanzania, Africa to your doorstep. Our rainbow option includes all variations of sea moss types (gold, purple, red, and green) - making it highly potent and beneficial for our bodies. Once you place your order, please allow our team up to 72 hours to process and prepare your order. Also keep in mind that your order will be shipping directly from Tanzania, Africa so once it officially ships, you will receive your DHL tracking number. Normal shipping times are about 5-7 business days.

*Shipping costs include the price for your permits to get through customs.

ALL WHOLESALE ORDERS ARE FINAL (make sure your address and phone number are correct to prevent any errors during shipment)

Potential Profit for Wholesale to Retail (Sea Moss Gel)

5lbs = $288 investment = $2,800 revenue = $2,512 profit

10lbs = $464 investment = $5,600 revenue = $5,136 profit

25lbs = $879 investment = $14,000 revenue = $13,121 profit

50lbs = $1,715 investment = $28,000 revenue = $26,285 profit

100lbs = $3,030 investment = $56,000 revenue = $52,970 profit


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